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Theatre Manager 9.11.05 Released

Ticket Trove - Arts Management Systems Ltd. Version 9.11 has been released as part of the support agreement. Please refer to the full release notes about version 9.11. The release is minor - but since it fixes an important web issue, all venues are encouraged to upgrade.

Key Changes in Version 9.11.05

This key list of changes are:

  1. Ticket Trove 1.02 is released on the app store with native iPad support and a feature that allows patrons to save their favourite venue.
  2. There is a new feature to help identify and automatically merge duplicate patrons
  3. There is very important web listener change to better handle patrons who might use the back button on a browser to look at old offerings
  4. The process of updating web pages has been improved to help manage future updates (there are no required changes for this version)
  5. Ongoing changes to facility management based on customer feedback.

Theatre Manager 9.10 released

Ticket Trove - Arts Management Systems Ltd. Version 9.10 has been released for all current users of Version 9. Please refer to the full release notes about version 9.10.

This release is a minor release.

Theatre Manager 9.07 Released

Version 9.07 has been released for all current users of Version 9. Please refer to the full release notes about version 9.07 and what it takes to install it

Theatre Manager 9.05 Released

Merry Christmas to all!

Version 9.05 has been released for all current users of Version 9. Please refer to the full notes about version 9.05.

Key Changes in Version 9.05.07

  • Theatre Manager is officially certified PCI DSS 1.2 compliant. After months waiting in the queue for final review by the PCI council, one change was requested, implemented and final approval received on December 14th.
  • Facility Management continues to evolve in response to the feedback from the user community. Look for improvements in the look of the calendar, improvements in calendar filters, reorganized screens and more transparent integration between the Gantt chart and the calendar.

    This version also brings the initial implementation of estimating, invoicing, billing and posting to the G/L for the sales/booking of rooms, resources, and staff. During our day long internal staff training session, it became quite apparent just how comprehensive and useful this module would be to many venues.

December 2010 Newsletter

The December ArtsMan Chronicle contains a number of 'how tos' about adding Google Analytics to your web pages, mapping some patrons on Google maps and ad the hot seat analyser. We also welcome new venues to Theatre Manager.

it has been an exciting summer since the release of Version 9 and the latest version is 9.04.12. For any venue currently using version 9, we recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible as it addresses an important issue where best seat searching could cause a web listeners to continually try to find seats on a nearly full venue.

Version 9.05 is in the works. It will have a significant expansion in the scope of the Facility Management module - and billing for events in your venue, including incidentals like staffing, resources, and consumables like coffee and refreshments will be available - all thanks to the feedback for those who are using the system. We appreciate your help.

Theatre Manager 9.04 Released

Version 9.04 has been released for all current users of Version 9. Please refer to the full notes about version 9.04 or read further for a summary

Key Changes in Version 9.04.04

A new feature has been added to allow you to spatially plot your patrons on a map using google. Google's static map API supports about 100 distinct points on one map. This lets you see where distributions of people lie. The picture at the right is from patrons on Poplar street in Memphis. The data was geo-encoded using Google's geo-encoding api.

This data can be accessed from the patron list or a patron mail list using the context menus.

There are two key bug fixes to support web sales.

Theatre Manager 9.01 Released

Version 9.01 has been released for all current users of Version 9. See the full notes about Version 9.01 or read further for a summary

Key Changes in Version 9.01.02

The key enhancements in this version are the introduction of:

  • A key fix to the web listener that deals with one possible security issue that should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • an easy way to include google analytics code in your web pages and e-blasts.
  • the Hot Seat Analyzer that lets you find which seats are worth more to you and adjust prices accordingly

Announcing the 'Hot Seat Analyzer'

We have just added a feature to Theatre Manager's facility module that we wanted to do for a long time call the Hot Seat Analyzer. You can now easily analyze the frequency of usage of each seat and/or the value or worth of that seat to a venue under a number of circumstances.

Introductory pricing ends July 31st.

June 2010 Newsletter & Announcing Version 9

The June ArtsMan Chronicle is now available for your reading pleasure. It contains a number of articles such as Rick Geary's kind and generous comments about Saratoga Performing Arts Center's very pleasurable experience as a large venue converting from TicketMaster.

There is also a cool example of how the Facility Management module can be used to schedule and notify your volunteers and/or artists of rehearsal schedules, where they should be, and integration with their own calendars. Introductory pricing ends July 31st.

Mostly, we are excited to announce the imminent release of Version 9. In addition to the many enhancements that you've come to expect, there are two key features.

PST/RST/HST Transitional Rules for exchanges - interpretation

We receive a fair number of questions about the upcoming implementation of HST and how Theatre Manager handles transitional ticket exchanges. You may wish to read the transitional rules and the background reference material so you can implement your own exchange policy.

Please do not consider this as tax advice (always talk to your accountant). It is, however, information to be aware of that pertains to how to use Theatre Manager at this time if you are affected by the HST transition.


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